Friday, January 17, 2014

The somewhat, sorta kinda Southern Belle

Sometimes I'll see something on Facebook and it makes me question myself. Recently on one of the pages I follow (a page about being Southern) the question was posed: "What is your perfect date night?"

I know what my perfect date night would be. But as I read through the replies, shaking my head at some, I came to realize, maybe I'm not as Southern as I thought I was!

Now, I will say y'all with the best of them. And I do measure distance with time and I have been known to Bless a Heart on occasion. But after you read through some of these responses, you might be wondering too.

Oddly enough I have never dated a guy who liked to fish or hunt or even mud ride. The SSN is definitely NOT that kinda guy. My dad has been known to fish on occasion with his grand kids but he never hunted during my lifetime.

*Does anyone know what a felark might be? 

So, first of all; I don't do deer meat! My best friend Traci over at Mommy Mayhem and I accidentally ate Deer meat once. At least I think it was deer meat, it was in her mom's freezer and we made taco's with it when we were teenagers. That was the first, last and only time I have and will ever eat deer meat! I've had other women look at me like I had a second head when I said that.  Am I weird? Am I the only one in Alabama that doesn't eat Deer meat??

Secondly, I don't know of anyone that actually drinks out of Mason Jars. Not saying that I never have just saying that it's not a normal thing... we don't have them sitting in our cabinets, just so you know!

Thirdly, I don't even know what a K5 is... anyone else know?

Okay...... so wow.

Cattle Scaring? Is that a thing? I've heard of but have never participated in Cow tipping. Cattle Scaring is new to me.

I might be down with this one...Riding a Gator or a Four Wheeler is fun!! Maybe there's a little bit of a southern girl left in me after all!

The question is: What's the most Southern thing you do?