Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Please allow me to introduce myself...

All things Southern and Sassy with a little about life, crafting 
and cooking.

I'm Stefanie, I was born and raised in Alabama. Some people may cringe but I quite like it here. Being southern is privilege and if you weren't born here, well, we'll show you how it's done!

A little bit about me:

I'm 33 years old, sarcastic, crafty and I love to bake. I live in the same city that I grew up in; I kinda like it that way. I love my family, I was truly blessed with the best parents in the world. I also have a younger sister, a brother-in-law, two spoiled rotten nieces (my little boo boo's) and a nephew (buddy buddy.) Everyone in the south has a nickname whether they know it or not! 

Being crafty is something I inherited from my momma (that's what us southern girls call our mother.) I can remember her making hair bows and sweatshirts with puff paint on them for my sister and I, back in the day, aka the 80's. (terrible time for fashion!) She passed that crafty gene onto me and not my sister and now I have an Etsy shop! I mostly sell home decor and the occasional accessory...whatever is tickling my fancy at the time. If you'd like to check it out: Sassy Frassy Home.

I suppose my love of baking came from my Nanny. She should have owned a bakery; her cakes were that good! Sadly, she's gotten older and is no longer able to bake. I would kill to have one of her Italian Cream cakes again... or Red Velvet or her pound cake. Yummy!! I'm making myself hungry. To this day I keep her pound cake recipe in my wallet so that I never lose track of it. 

Once upon a time, I was married. That lasted about ten years- it didn't work out- don't feel bad because I don't. I've met a wonderful man; we'll just call him The Sexy Smart Nerd (to be called SSN from henceforth) Although he is much more than a sexy smart nerd; he's an amazing artist/Batman fanboy/sarcastic genius/comic book reader/soon to be Psychologist. Who, when he reads this will either be very embarrassed or agree that he is indeed that awesome! (probably the latter) We're very modest around here. 

That's all I have for you right now; I do hope you'll come back and check out some recipes, some craftiness and anything else that happens to be on my mind!

~ Stefanie