Thursday, January 9, 2014

NOLA, the big easy...aint so easy!

Recently The SSN and I took a trip to New Orleans. It was my first time, I was a NOLA Virgin, if you will! He on the other hand grew up there. But before I get started can I just say, what a HOT MESS it was trying to find our hotel? Wow... oh wow. I guess growing up in Alabama the closest thing we get to a big city is Birmingham. Granted, its a decent sized city but New Orleans is big and crowded....and the traffic! Every street is a one way and everyone seems to be going that direction with you.

See...That's EIGHT lanes you have to cross if you want to get to the other side. Not to mention the Trolley Tracks in the middle of it all. 

And you definitely want to get to the other side because somewhere buried among the street vendors, performers and throngs of people is Bourbon Street. 

The SSN bought me a hot dog from a street vendor. (I'm sure they have a proper name but I'm sticking with street vendor) I was a little skeptical but it was probably the most delicious hot dog that I've ever eaten. If Hot Dogs can be delicious? He also bought me a jello shot from some guy standing outside of a strip club...I'm still trying not think about health ratings and all that other important hygiene stuff! OR the fact that I actually drank/ate a jello shot from a random man. 

Neither of us are big drinkers but he had me try something called a Hand Grenade. They sell these things from stalls in the middle of Bourbon Street. It was probably the best drink I've ever had. I could have drank a few more but one made me a little tipsy. Thankfully we were walking! 

We stumbled upon a restaurant called Desire. The FOOD..... oh, lord... We both had a roast beef po boy. If you are ever in New Orleans please go by Desire and eat one. Next to my momma's roast beef it was the greatest thing I've ever put in my mouth! Be sure to try Oceana Grill as well, I cannot describe the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo we had (twice I might add.) It was creamy and Cajun and I really want some right now! 

Desire- This picture does not do this place justice. It was goregous inside. The ceiling was lined with copper tiles, the entire front and side of the restaurant was open so that you could see the street. It was beautiful!

After our bellies were full we wandered back onto the street. I think what struck me the most about being on Bourbon street was all of the children! And not just the ones with their parents but the ones that were performing at 2:00 am for money. My heart ached for them. I asked SSN where their parents might be and he said either performing or out doing drugs. These children were only nine or ten years old. They were full of life and talent but I'm sure it was only for show. 

The next day we spent in the French Market. I really enjoyed seeing all of the artist who set up their little booths and sell their wares. 

This dude was SUPER talented, I wish you could have seen the detail in all of his paintings. They were amazing...and all shaped like Octagons for some reason. 

And yes, we stood in line at Cafe du Monde FOREVER to get Beignets! We were smart though, we got them to go. And walked over to Jackson Square to watch a street performance. The street performers were plentiful and FREE! 

I spy the back of The SSN's head (he's in the Saint's beanie)

He's doing a headstand in the middle of traffic... insane! 

Stayed tuned and I'll wrap this big post up and show you my favorite part of New Orleans.

Later Peeps ~ Stefanie