Friday, January 10, 2014

NOLA Part Deux (See what I did there)

I wanted to share with you my favorite parts of New Orleans. I discovered these little gems as we were out exploring and walking the streets. Don't get me started on the walking.. I'm a fat girl and fat girls don't like to walk that much! 

My favorite find in New Orleans were these two signs. They were hanging outside two apartments that were for rent. I know that the New Orleans people take their Ghosts pretty serious but I never imagined they had to advertise that something was Haunted or Not Haunted. Although it would make me think twice before renting that apartment! 

That same day we ate lunch in The French Market at what I deemed the world's tiniest restaurant! The restaurant was in an old house. (Everything in New Orleans is in an Old House.) We ate on the Balcony and had my ass been an bigger I wouldn't have made it up the staircase...let's just say it was narrow.  I suppose people were smaller back in the day.

Our View from the Balcony

It was super windy that day and eating on the balcony proved extremely difficult. Before we got our food the waiter brought the other diners food out the door and it all blew off the plate, all over us and the balcony! We just got up and went inside to find a table. I had another Roast Beef Po Boy. I was going to become a connoisseur of the Roast Beef Po Boy! 

Although I don't have any pictures, that Sunday it was pouring down rain as we walked through Frenchmen Street. The SSN wanted to find a place to listen to some blues music and we heard this was a more adult version of Bourbon street. It turned out to be more of a Hipster version of Bourbon Street. Complete with two hipsters sitting outside in the rain with their type writers selling "Fresh Poetry." We ended up not finding a club because they were all packed because of the rain.

Last but certainly not least- On our way home I was a little bummed that we never made it to the Garden District or to any of the Old Cemeteries. We ended up eating lunch at Checkers of all places and as we were leaving The SSN was giving me directions, I figured we were going back to the interstate. He took me to the Garden District- He's sweet like that. 

I love the detail on this fence. It was outside of what use to be a Slave Trading House.

Are you tire of New Orleans yet? I have one more post to share with you. It's going to be creepy beautiful!