Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let's talk about craft organization or the lack there of!

Now that I'm living in an Apartment things are a little cramped...okay, a lot cramped and I have no space to keep my craft supplies. Currently they're residing in my TV Armoire and it is a hot, scary mess in there...almost to the point that I don't even open the doors anymore.

So I went to my trusted friend Pinterest to find some storage ideas for small spaces and I lucked up! I found some do-able ideas that I could possible make on my own!

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart
This is my absolute favorite storage idea of all! Of course it comes to us from the DIY guru herself, Martha Stewart! 

It's made from two identical book shelves joined together with a piano hinge. If you're a skilled DIY'er you could add your own shelves and pull out desk.

If you're interested in the step-by-step how to, here is the link:

Another great idea is the Murphy Desk, similar to the Murphy Bed that folds up and into a closet. You could create something similar to this in your home. I'm not sure about doing this in my apartment because the only storage closet I have is in my hall in front of my bathroom with no light.

 Photo courtesy of HGTV Blog
Another great idea for the Murphy desk is to attach it to the wall and when it folds up it looks like a piece of wall art! I really like this idea, however, you need some intermediate 
carpentry skills to achieve this one on your own!

I am in love with this closet craft storage! I wish that I had the space to do this in my apartment; sadly, I do not. I love this because you can just shut the door if you're in the middle of a project and don't feel like cleaning up...that happens a lot with me. 

Adding some inexpensive peg board on the door also creates more storage space as well as the shelves in the top of the closet. I know that Home Depot will cut a sheet of pegboard in half for you at no cost. The last time I purchased some it was around $14 for a sheet.

The only downside to this set up is that it lacks seating. I like to sit when I craft... maybe I'm just lazy like that. So, this would simply be a storage area rather than an actual crafting area.

This is more along the lines of what I currently have; minus the cool paint job, shelves, ribbon storage and pretty much everything else that makes this awesome! 

If I had the space in my apartment this is probably what I would have. This bad boy takes ups a lot of valuable real estate when your square footage is less than 800 sq. feet. But I do love the overall concept.

During my Pinterest craft storage journey I ran across what might possibly be the craziest storage solution I had ever seen. 

Craft storage above your washer and dryer? ... Hmm... 
Pretty ingenious or Pretty weird?

It's usually an unused space and would be perfect to store your crafty tidbits! 

Sadly, my laundry room is barely big enough to turn around in but this might work for you.

Photo Courtesy of BHG

Finally I bring you a bonus: For all of my book worms. Wouldn't you die to have a space like this to read in? It looks so cozy and inviting that I almost want to pick up a book and read...almost.